Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sathodi Waterfalls -Yellapur

After an exhausted journey we occupied the room and slept well. Everyone got up early and had heavy breakfast and were ready to leave by 8am.We hired 2 bikes and started heading along near Ganesh Gudi road. However it was still very early and the cold breeze was pleasing for me. We had to pass through the back waters of Kali River (Kodasalli) along the mud track.
We parked our vehicles to near forest gate and had taken few minutes walk through the forest. Since we had reached very early of the day probably we had avoided the usual crowd. Early in the morning when the first light falls on the waterfalls was so charming. The early morning freshness and sunrise amidst the waterfalls made its very memorable.
This majestic waterfall drops from Kallaramane Ghat and then joins further down to the backwaters of Kodasalli dam built across Kali River which has got rare and exceptional reptiles, rich and abundant forest with its wild habitat and enticing birds. At times they are just rushing along nearly horizontal rocks then they fall dramatically into a narrow canyon. The mist around makes the setting magical to view.
We showed up at a time when the lighting wasn't so great for photographing the waterfall we're practically looking against the sun. It was morning when we were there, but I believe that since this is a west-facing waterfall, the afternoons should yield a better photographing experience. The area of the falls provides ample opportunities for rock climbing and water sports.
Panoramic Mountain top views, tranquil backwater, the majestic beauty and timelessness of this awe-inspiring tropical rainforest, and breath taking scenery of the waterfalls are just spectacular outdoor experiences along the bike riding was indescribable in words and should be experienced.


R Niranjan Das said...

Beautiful place and awesome photography. How exactly do you reach this place?


Ashok said...

Good narration and information.. Thanks...

Sneo said...

here for the first time. i like the combination of sunlight peeping it with water and greens..
nice stuff