Friday, January 20, 2012

Jenukallu Gudda - Yellapur

After spending a short time in Magod we headed to Jenukallu Gudda which is just few kilometers away from Magod. There wasn't much easy approach, as the trail passed through dense forests. The roads are manageable but at certain points they do offer a challenge for bikers. Last 2.5 km’s in mud boulders track was really ghastly attempt on bike.
After a hard bike ride we reached to Jenukallu. There was a viewpoint through which we could view the entire valley. The view point is atop a sheer cliff of 500 meters high. Wow! Some sight and wonderful filled with excitement like small children, we were actually enjoying this breathtaking view and experience of a point in a Jenkallu Gudda. This lovely panoramic view that we got from the Viewpoint was even lovelier.
There are three hills here, which are at a very high altitude. They are Jenukallu Gudda, Kodekallu Gudda and Balekallu Gudda. The highest hill is the Balekallu Gudda. Jenu means Honey, Kallu means stone and Gudda means hill. This place is a viewpoint in the Western Ghat, which offers a panoramic view of the hills packed one behind the other.
Jenukallu Gudda is situated 17 Kms from Yellapur. The Bedti River from MagodFalls cuts across the green hills and bounces all the way to join the Arabian Sea beyond the hills. The breathtaking view of the valley is worth a visit and this place is famous for its magical sunset.
Photos by- Ashok S B & Myself


Ashok said...

Good place for family trip..

Pradhumna said...

Hi Rakesh,

Great photography and Looks like a Amazing place.
Did you guys go here by trekking or on bikes....
can you share the route map that you guys took and can these hill tops be reached in bikes...

Rakesh Holla said...

Ya, its nice place to visit.
You can approach almost near to the view point by bike or any of your 4 wheeler vehicles.
You can find sign boards which direct you to the Jenkallu View Point.