Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Godachinmalki waterfalls

Spending a refreshing time in Gokak falls we headed to another wonderful falls nearby this. A few kilometers easy journey we left vechile in safe and followed the muddy path towards falls. Clearly there was a formal trail down here as I saw a cairn down at the creek bed and I followed the trail was a bit muddy and slippery from the drizzling rain.
After nearly a half-hour of walking this far only heared the georgeous sound of the roraing waterfalls Then slippery and muddy path where some flimsy walkway was supporting us to stand in-front of the pretty cascade nestled in a serene setting whose silence was only broken by the clapping of the falls.
This falls is formed by Markandeya River and is 50 ft height unlike Gokak falls, the drop is not sudden, the water cascades on different steps before falling into the valley. We went the vast surface rocky area which very near to the falls and felt the full glimpse of milky falls were water was falling with huge volume.
On the surface once more we gulped fresh air into our hungry lungs and gazed out at the open vista around us. waterfalls is so rapturously beautiful that almost all are smitten at first sight and end up spending hours here as we did. this falls could very well be one of the most enchanting in Belgoa distict.
The spray was so Intense that for a long distance we were drenched to the skin even though the falls wasn't tall, it still generated enough mist to make photography a bit difficult. So I took the obligatory photos before I huffed and puffed my way up the steep and somewhat slippery ascent back to the trail. If time was not short I would have go further to explore.
The dazzling sight of the falls was simply amazing there is nothing quite as relaxing as standing at red rock during the peak rain, watching the falls flowing over the sandstone buttresses was really eye-popping and heart touching.
Photos by - Ashok SB and Me


R Niranjan Das said...

Looks splendid.


Aravind GJ said...

Nice waterfalls!!

Ashok said...

Nice man... Never forget the place...