Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dramatic green paradise- Malemane & Apsaragonda waterfalls (Part-2)

After a well deserved breather we found the way to boost next step. defined rolled fashioned out of trees routs, Me and my trekking companions crawling up a steep rock surface somewhere we took help of roots and we were greeted by a glossy black rock face mocking with slippery, scattered footholds in the form of holes chiseled the giant solid rocks. The terrain was rough- slick sloping rock blocks, loose mud and unexposed path. We were fortunate not to suffer any major injuries.
In the end we continued for a while until I realize there was no easy way to reach top. So after exploring for 30 minutes turning around in lush bushes I headed to the top. I tried that and ended up ascending all the way to the creek where I found a couple of large logs right where I needed to cross.
After that, a short risky bushwhack took us right to the base (5th step) of the waterfall. I think the only word I can say about the view is spectacular. A glorious sight, if live to see it but thanks to the strategically exquisite situation of this location if won’t have to run the risk unless have the typical guts.
We stayed there for quite some time admiring the scenery and the waterfalls before continuing down back .We took a short break there before heading back down as we knew we still had a long way to go. After a enough water sports retraced our steps back thru the new trail. After a short walk on the upper-side and passing the huge stony area, we found a ridge line that seemed doable to climb up but it was ended with nowhere.
We lost the trail in abandon wild forest and started climbing a bit downer side thinking that we could scramble up and make it. We had to switch back and forth many times as we walked on downed trees, bushes that have been carved to form the path. At some point, almost on top of the mounds, we found ourselves climbing down next to a fallen tree that almost seemed like it was put there so you could climb down. After a hard attempt we found a paled jeep track and a long walk we reached the starting point.
Apsaragonda waterfalls
I can say I’m happy I finally made the wonderful trip to Malemane waterfalls but somehow have the feeling I didn’t explore everything I wanted to explore more. So I guess I will have to come up with yet another trip to this area. The only thing is, having done this trail 2 times already; I need to give it a rest for a while. Perhaps next time I will approach it from a different route.
We had our lunch at my friend house in Honnavar and on back we glimpsed the beauty of Apsaragonda waterfalls and beach garden. Returned saner fitter and in love with life again may be it’s the fresh air, surprise drizzles, greenery....


Santosh said...

have seen apsarakonda falls but never realized you could trek to another falls from here!

Team G Square said...

Amazing and very much inviting .Thanks for sharing

srikanta said...

Hi Rakesh,

Having seen malemane falls many times I often wondered if anyone can cross the trecherous canyon below to go near it.

I was stunned and also full of appreciation for your feat which I know is not an easy one!!

As usual photos and write-up speak of volumes.

Keep up the good work buddy!!

Srikanta Datta

Aravind GJ said...

Have seen Malemane falls many times while travelling on the highway.... but never gave a thought to go near it!!

Nice photos!!

ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

When you and Ashok are going to stop taking such risks? 'Never' must be the answer! I had doubts about you guys reaching anywhere near. But you guys did. That's some Heroics.

Ashok said...

Very nice to read and remember the days man... We really enjoyed a lot on that day.. Wish to with you on another Malemane Falls treck..

rakesh holla said...

Thanks to all:-) I can say I am so much happy now!!!!

shooting star said...

wow..thats an adventure...and some lovely images......trekking is fun na!!!!

loved the pic where ur totally drenched but look so happy!!!

Meera Ganesh said...

I loved the pictures... great photography!

R Niranjan Das said...

Nice write up and a lovely adventure.