Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Madhu Kaitabha Temple – Kotipura

Flipping through the pages of history, one comes across many ancient towns and temples with passage of time, the significance of these temples may have faded, but a closer look reveals the glories of the past. One such example is Madhu Kaitabha Temple of Kotipura.
This temple was built in 12th century by Western Chalukyans and at later stages Keladi dynasty seems to be associated with construction of this temple. The temple complex at Kotipura reminds of Chalukyan style of construction.
As we walked towards the temple, we were overwhelmingly attracted by its calm beauty.  Just as one enters the complex, on the left side lays a small temple below the ground level which innovated recently. Apart from the main temple complex which is filled with pillared structure to keep the roof from collapsing. Considering heavy rainfall in the region, it must have been a real challenge to build a temple which would not crumble due to leakage.
ASI resurrected some portions of the temple to prevent collapse. The layout of the temple complex seems to be well laid out by ASI, with numerous small Mantaps which may have been salvaged from nearby area to protect against vandalism. The Pillars and walls is quite superb sight.
It is 3 kms away from Kubetoor on the state highway proceeding towards Balligave. Basically there are 3 routes to reach this destination. One is from Balligavi up north around 25 kms, Next is via Jade towards Annavati via Kubetoor village on to the state highway towards Balligavi 15 kms. Next is obviously via Annavati or togarshi from NH 4.
I spent enough time inside the temple complex with my Udupi YHA team, I felt as if the worries of the world have been completely left behind and this magnificent piece of architecture made me ecstatically happy. 


Ashok said...

Nice narration and very good picks man.. I went back to the day we visited...! Really Superb!!!

Anonymous said...

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Team G Square said...

Superb Post and thanks for info .

Anonymous said...

How can some one build tample to worship demons