Friday, July 29, 2011

Pertaining to waterfalls in Rainy

After a long wait finally I made my first Monsoon trek this year. This is my third visit to the same place but its quite interesting in this ever changing nature. This time We preferred bikes as our plan was on Sunday early morning. We 3 (I, Ashok & Chandru) started our journey with 2 bike.
Initial journey was quite pleasant with nice upwind Unfortunately when we hit the mountain road heavy rain started and not just a shower, it was like being at home, drizzle with some heavy stuff chucked in. It was pouring everywhere many small waterfalls were plunging either side of the ghat road. I found myself winding through the steep valleys and gorges, I had to focus on not to crash as the view was so breathtaking really I enjoyed the ride in my own imaginative world.
This time we changed our regular rout , Villagers suggest another rout that was little longer because of heavy rain old regular rout was bad and was flooded by nearby stream.. After a long ride we took a right turn into the boggy road. Lucky enough the main road was surfaced but the others where just mire and was fully unpaved, muddy, slippery, bumpy, some places were very deep and narrow. Some places were very difficult to drive in deep layer of soft mud after a lot of risk and hard attempts we reached our destiny point.
We left our bikes and headed into wast greenish afloat paddy fields surrounded by mountain .After crossing we entered into the rainforest. It only took 15 minutes of walking through pristine mountain forest we reached the stunning first stage of the waterfalls.
After admiring the falls we started to climb against the downhill waterfalls some places we climbed the sideways of the fall. The final trek route runs through thick forest and includes rock climbing. The trek from first fall to the 5th fall includes steeper trek that runs through forest, water and rocks.
The gushing main cascade tumbling down the massive rock face and greenery with dense vegetation on either side of the falls. After a good soaking rain waterfalls flowing at their peak, filling the air with mist as they tumbled out of the forest, splashed over boulders, and dropped down ledges before finally plunging into a pool.
We took our obligatory photos later we decided to venture even further so we crossed the stream and started to hike uphill. We could barely see the trail through the leaves and fallen branches. But we stuck to it, if only to see if the next intersection would give us a clue to where we were the trail wrapped around a marsh and disappeared into a patch of mud. But just beyond the thick shrub we spotted the upstream and after a great circus we had reached the deadend point on top of the waterfalls.
Here water was plunging onto the escarpment with white foam over dark rock into iridescent blue pool was totally quite beautiful.The top the trek up the hills into the forest and view from top of the falls gave us some really good views of the valley. The sight and sound of a waterfall soothes,relaxes,refreshs and recharges one's senses.
This magnificent waterfall is located in deep forest near Kodachadri hill a series of 5 falls, one above the other, in splendid surroundings makes it one of the best waterfalls in rainy season.
While returning throughout the area we ended up seeing more villages including their buffalo wallowing in the mud lot of activities. One of the nicest ways to enjoy the sights and smells of fresh forest Crispness of cold air is on a motorcycle, especially if the roads traveled have more twisties and less vehicles.
Photos By- Myself & Ashok S B


जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर) said...

टाईगर फ़ाल की बात कुछ और है।
अगर कभी मौका मिले तो जरुर जाना,

Santosh said...

lovely post rakesh... good to see greens all around :)
Is this the Hidlumane falls?

Team G Square said...

Nice to read about this falls .

Ashok said...

Nice narration and good picks man.. Nice to remember the days..

Aravind GJ said...

Nice to see this falls.

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Beautiful falls. Nice captures.

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beautiful falls and details...
thanks for sharing