Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stairway to heaven....Part-1

There are not many places on the planet that deserve the saying “Stairway to heaven”. The Kudremukh ('horse-face' ) ranges are among the most beautiful and unforgettable pieces of land that I can ever seen and renowned for its Countryside land nestled in a bowl of hills & Owing to stunning dense forests the mosaic of natural grassland though the area is rich in wildlife and abundance of opportunities for Nature Lovers.
The wet climate and the tremendous water retentive capacity of the Shola grasslands and forests has led to the formation of thousands of perennial streams in the region & one of the identified  hot spots for Bio-Diversity conservation in the world
We got up 1 hour before the sun and headed up into the foggy mountain. After a few minutes walk we could able to see the first rays of Sun light hitting over the top of the mountain it was amazingly beautiful and I managed to do a tiny bit of climbing to get a better view. First Glimpse of mountain in foggy morning watching from bottom was amazing to see.  
We were entranced by the captivating beauty of a vast expanse of verdant meadows. With its sheer expanse of rolling meadows set against the turquoise sky and the ‘Kudremukha' summit standing guard at a far off distance, was a totally overwhelming sight.
The route from there to with the slopes colored in various shades of red and maroon, from the withering grass and shrubs. The peaks constantly reminded us of their presence through occasional glimpses when crossing initial hill ranges. A painless ascent brought us to the first meadow beyond the tree line. The place was a due reward. The sky and the landscape displayed a riot of numerous hues.
I was drawn to this spot of virginal beauty and ascended the steep grassy slopes devoid of trails. Whether sunning idly on a warm rock overlooking in idyllic views from higher up, it's a dramatic day of big weather - puffy white clouds and blue skies.
A couple of hours walk we reached the top. Had a great time on top & moved towards the range to reach another side of the summit. We moved at upper vast grasslands with reluctance to cover the next few kilometers and reached to our destiny point.


gokul's yathra said...

Mind blowing......... Blog came out well!! Photos are stunning !!! You must have enjoyed the place!!!!

Anonymous said...

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