Thursday, February 10, 2011

Light of the Hills…(Part-2)

Further the trail seemed hidden as we made turns between the open grasslands and rocks. Walking along the ridge at the top gave views over the mountain valleys showing  Bynekanda hills tops in the distance. After crossing few small hills we reached the top of the hill. At the edge of a cliff I looked over and wondered the beauty of Bynekanda Valley & Balligekan Mountain view.
One side of the Valley ruined completely by fire & green turned into black because much of the area consists of rolling hills covered with grassland, which are renewed annually following the fires that occur at the end of the dry season. Some valleys contain areas of tropical rain-forest, with a high canopy and rich undergrowth. There are larger areas of dry forest at higher altitudes in places where the ground is well watered and on drier slopes patches of forest & vast Grassland areas at higher elevations.
Bynekanda hills
Balligekan Mountain
After a long ridge walk we reached one small upper stream, had enough water & snacks after considerably climbing we reached top of the GaliBetta. From the top we could see in all directions mountains and more mountains. Because of non-stop wind this hill was named so. Due to lack of time we dropped Pandavara Upparige a beautiful 5 Hill ranges nearby.
On return we climbed Kagikallu Hill, me & another 3 teammates entered Shola forest to minimize the distance but we had a shock of our life, waiting for us one big Bee Nest just few meters away on a small tree. By god's grace we found it before condition could turn worse we ran back to the grassland area at the same time one scared rabbit also jumped from a small bush & started to sprint between our legs though everything seemed scary and confusing in the running it did seem very amusing too.
Pandavara Upparige Hills range
Jagal Hill
While we descending we saw a rocky hill called Nalage Kallu & also one more big rocky hill called Jagal across the journey. Finally we had a great time in a fine weekend & our weary legs turned to our home back.


Team G Square said...

wonderful pics and great experience.

Ashok said...

Superb man...