Thursday, January 13, 2011

A solitaire mountain..Sita Bhoomi (Part-1)

A Solitary mountain stands in solitary grace in the center of the sanctuary which none can surpass this place in its different beauty. To visit this unknown beauty after lot of preparation finally last Saturday morning we got the permission from the required department & also one of them willing us to join our team. After lot of struggling to find to stay for one night & finally a different unexpected help we got 2 rooms in a 30years old forest Guest House by night 8 we occupied our room & also discussed with our guide about our conformed next day plan.
Next day early morning after taking a breakfast we picked our guide from his place & we started to walk from one place. After few minutes’ walk we entered thick evergreen thick forest which richness becomes dramatically the most pristine forest area is found in the rugged or non-existent and many areas remain uncharted wilderness.

was amongst that rugged, uncharted and mostly trail-less wilderness area that the wandering this delightful forest that has been landscaped to encompass hills and it’s a natural waterways.
Across our journey we find a large foot mark of elephant still the patch was wet & was seems the habitation of these giant surrounding areas. But we are not willing to believe we are following them but one point in time we felt we are in its home. Without meeting any strange animals in initial stage we crossing one beautiful stream & started to climb between thick forests & finally we entered the bottom of one big open grassland mountain.
In the haze of down & the glow of sunrise the whole mountain turned gold & colorful. What a pleasant surprise walking in greenish grasslands touching on a cool breeze between uncountable Hip-Hop Mountains, Open hilltops, sun-drenched rocky bluff were a tremendous experience once I felt this is a real heaven on earth.
Across our journey we saw a beautiful Shola forests between mountains which becomes more numerous again the mountainous regions of this part which suitable for the abundant specious & it is infrequently seen in elsewhere on the western Ghat 
forest trees are characterized by their short stature with low to medium girth Trees show stunted growth with spreading canopy twiggy branch lets and foliage of different colors. Many endemic flora and fauna occur in these forests with extreme microclimatic conditions.


Satish said...

Please give more details..

I want to go here..

Is it Kudremukh??

Or is it somewhere in Kerala??

Team G Square said...

Awesome photos ...

Aravind GJ said...

Stunning photos!! No words to describe the beauty of the place.

Sam.. W.A.N.D.E.R.I.N.G!!! said...

Hello Rakesh,

Could you please give me details about this place? Trek difficulty, guide & permission required?

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Thanks for sharing an awesome place with us!