Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seeta Bhoomi (Part-2)

A non-stop 8 km’s Ridge walk on the beautiful Grassland was beautiful we never had an experience like this before. The Shola grassland ecosystem is characterized by dense growth of trees in the depressions and folds of the Ghats surrounded by extensive areas of grasslands.
After crossing each mountain another new group was ready to cross. Each slope each group of hill ranges each hike would open a new world in front of us & its increase our energy in each level.
After a 4 hours non-stop hike we reached our destiny point where we can see 360 degree panoramic view. One side of the Hilltop a beautiful sight of the clear green water of River & it’s besides Hill ranges makes most panoramic view & remaining 3 sides thousands of mountains bunching together with wearing greenish blanket.


The view from here shows clearly the many pinnacles that rise out of this land that surrounds us. When we were on the top we spotted lot of animals around us Gaurs & Spotted dears, Sambars, verity of birds….
First time we saw such uncountable animals around us I felt it was like watching Animal Planet on TV. We had light food everybody was in their own mood their own dreamland. We spent enough time on the top & that’s the time to tell bye bye to the heaven. 
On return we preferred a different route for a change. As our decision we started to climb down on edge of the hill top. Had one hour mountaineering downward we entered lower groups of Shola forest.
One more surprise in front of us our guide brings us one beautiful small 30feet height LakkiHole waterfalls in forest. First we reached the top some of us climbed down with a help of one aerial root we reached bottom of the waterfalls. A beautiful rainbow welcomes us some of us had freshened up in this chilly water.
Breathtaking LakkiHole Waterfalls
 I had an opportunity to discover another aspect of Western Ghat with its lush beauty, breathtaking views and cooler temperatures. After all, it was the mountains we were enraptured by its beauty.


Team G Square said...

Master of western ghats . these just wonderful

shivu.k said...

Nice experience of western ghats. and also good photos

Siddhartha Joshi said...

stunning images man!