Thursday, August 5, 2010

Waterfalls Galore!! -Koodlu Waterfalls

Every weekend in this monsoon we have been going to all new strange places exploring the glory of nature and getting to see many wonderful places many beautiful waterfalls which is so full of life during the rains and this week too we planned to go to a place called Koodlu Waterfalls (Sita falls), though we had visited this place before we still wanted to see it once again
So finally me my cousin and my friends a team of 7 started our journey it was raining heavily and the road was very slippery a thick canopy of trees we could hardly see anything ,we crossed a bridge and walked for some more time then we reached a small beautiful hamlet surrounded by thick forest and mountains
it was so beautiful and calm we were wondering if it was another planet with scores of waterfalls all around us which we could see from a distance it was the best moment monsoon was really magical.
A little distance after the village we entered thick forest again on the way we had to cross a big stream and due to heavy rains it was swollen flowing in full force and looked very rough and dangerous we were debating if we have to turn back when a stranger out of nowhere appeared and helped us cross the stream.
But I just could not enjoy thinking of our team and how risky it was i was still wondering with 3ft deep with heavy force finally we 5 able to cross the river. I could see lots of insects and spiders once I crossed the stream the place was dense with trees the ground was dark and soggy.
It was a bit inclined and I started trekking upwards. There were small streams running across at many places and few trees had got uprooted blocking the way. After some 30 minutes, I could hear the sound of gushing water & we reached the bottom of the falls.I had visited several times to Koodlu but this time its beauty & volume was stunning. Hazy view of the Gushing Milky waterfalls had no words to describe. There was one more falls immediately above this fall called MANGA TIRTHA and is visible in normal days .
We couldn’t spend much time near the falls because we were constantly thinking of how to return back as we had to cross the stream again and with heavy rains it was really risky, but riskand treading on dangerous grounds was real fun and part of life and if we had to see such a wonderful place it was worth all the risk.
On our return we got a beautiful view of Barkana waterfalls, and the whole region was covered by a blanket of fog & nature had hidden its beauty inside the blanket. I started my bike looking around once again capturing the beautiful sight, with a new energy and great satisfaction i headed back home.....


srikanta said...

One can only comment looking at the place is - You and your team have done ample justice to the sublime beauty of nature in a manner what should be done given the wet glory and awesome terrain.

Inspiring work!!

Keep the momentum going!!

Aravind GJ said...

Great!! Falls look awsome.

shivu.k said...

ಸೂಪರ್ ಫೋಟೊಸ್..

Harisha Rao said...
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Harisha Rao said...

YOU CATCHED ALL THESE PICTURE,LIKE THE camera work by Krishna WHICH In fact most people surprised to see the beauty of Coorg or Jog Falls getting captured so well in a Kannada movie. i VISITED KOODLU BUT NEVER SEEN THESE SPOTS......