Thursday, October 13, 2016

Marse and Hulidevarakodlu Waterfalls

Enter the gateway to the most unspoiled, untouched and unexplored exciting waterfalls by crossing the calm river through hanging bridge. Feel the heaven and tranquility surrounded in the crib of evergreen forests, majestic bamboo groves, landscaped garden, impressive flora and fauna, magnificent rivers and natural scenic beauty.
The Morse village dates back to the pre-historic era. There have been evidences about civilizations that existed on the Aganashini and Bennehole river basins. There's an old Shiva temple in the banks of River Aganashini. During Marse trek route pass through forest, waterfalls and big rivers amidst the valleys of Aganashini Kolla.
Our plan was to visit Marse village and explore Marse Falls and then by evening we’ll go straight to the Hulidevara Kodlu Falls. My local friend, Mahabala accompanied us going to Morse and all throughout the entire trek.
When we took diversion from the main road just a few minute drives we find the beautiful Hanging Bridge. Upon crossing the bridge and passing through some narrow road welcomed by a thick forest and hills and that’s where the actual trekking starts. We started moving along the main stream, crossing the bamboo trees, thick bushes, sluggish waters, umpteen numbers of side streams and wet muds.
After about 1 hour walk we entered the village and another 30 minutes passing through muddy trail, paddy fields and Areca plantations we reached Mahabala’s uncle house. It turned out that the entrance to the trail going to the Waterfall is just next to the house of them. The team members were tired and we took small break before starting the final lap. Slow and study again we started. We had to cross yet another valley and the entire walk was through marshy land and almost every one of us had leeches crawling in our legs.
After about thirty minutes of passing through muddy trail and slopes, we started to hear the splash of the water. Soon we descended towards the main stream we reached the base of Marse Waterfall.
The astounding sight pleased my senses and made me realise that all those adjectives that are synonymous to stunning will be aptly expressed at that moment. No words to express as everyone were delighted and overjoyed with ecstasy. After all what you need in life is that moment of happiness under the waterfalls along with likeminded souls in the lush green forests with gushing water and gusty winds moving your soul.
I was anxious to see the next destination and wanted to walk fast but all I could do was to drag my foot one after another. Don’t know why but I was feeling very tired. I realized the gap between me and the group was slowly becoming wider.
We were looking forward for the next waterfalls, sounds of nature and excitement we started our trek deep into the jungles our journey into the wilderness began with lot of enthusiasm. Initial stretch was very slippery while climbing up the moss makes staying on feet especially difficult but after that we entered into some thick forest zone and from this point the walk was little easier.
After a big adventure lot of puffing and panting and not willing to give up we reached first stage of Hulidevarakodlu waterfalls. And there’s no other way to enjoy this immense beauty but by taking pictures with travel buddies. It was definitely the highlight of our trip enjoying this magnificence with friends.


VENU VINOD said...

Beautiful location n wonderful narration...missing treks these days..want to start again

Rahul Patel said...

Nice one. I would love to visit this place. Check out resorts in pench national park also.You will get exclusive places.