Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Siddappa Gudi Betta -Haveri

 Trek to Siddappa Gudi Betta is really refreshing in all season with scenic view from the top of the hill we can see vast evergreen fields. At the top there is a small temple and we can find many monkeys. The site is excavated in an isolated stone hill watching all these beautiful peaks with gusty wind to our face were amazing experience. 
 Journey start with various small villages en-route is really refreshing. After a small drive from Haveri town in a nasty village road we reached a small traditional hamlet, we left our vehicle end of the road and started to hike first immediate stretch from the road side. One has to climb around 200 steps to reach the summit. The climb is safe and quite easy because of the stairway right to the top.
 However, it is well worth after crossing the first hump, a beautiful planet opened in front of us. The hill top is refreshing with cool breeze offers beautiful views of its surroundings; on the boulder strewn surface cave temple can be seen close to the hill top.
 This natural ancient cave temple dedicated to Lord Siddeshvara. There is no such history of this temple it’s difficult to say who exactly established this but locals says is that it is an ancient temple. There is no such evidence it is just the supposition that the temple is ancient by the statements given by senior devotees by villagers and the legend which was emanated by tradition.
 Spent some time and half explored the cave, offered our prayers in the temple on the top of the mountain. After spending sun set we turned back to our home carrying the great experience & wonderful memories.


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