Friday, March 15, 2013

Trip to Sathodi Fallz

I visited the Sathodi falls during the February month with Manju and his group. I visited this waterfall twice in a year of time the first time I saw the falls in post Monsoon season we happened to show up fairly early in the morning so that couldn’t took good clicks against the sun.
Considering that it was pretty hot and humid during our second visit at gorgeous sunny day thus I believe that the water volume I witnessed was probably either at its best on early summer or close to it. We had to pass through the back waters of Kodasalli along the rough mud track. The access to the falls was strangely not well defined trail leading to it.
There are many streams that join together in the Kallaramane Ghat and cascade into a 15meters picturesque Sathodi falls. This is popularly known as the Mini Niagara. This falls forms a part of the Ganeshgudi forest range. It presents a great view when one sees it cascading down from a mountaintop with lush green hills as its backdrop.
As it touches the ground it flows towards the backwaters of Kodasali Dam and finally mergers into it. The serene environment of the adjoining area is instrumental in attracting travelers to the Sathodi Falls. After Vehicle Park 10 minute’s easy walk across the Kali River back water laid us to the bottom of the waterfalls.
At that time, there were a handful of people cooling off in its waters or just chilling out in the shade caused by the nearby overhanging cliffs. The bright sun also made the scene very bright making it tough to take that long exposure shot which leaves the shady confines of the gorge and tumbles into an open amphitheater baked by the sun.
We got drenched at the winds as well as the maid of the mist, after spending for 30 minutes few of us decided to take bath on rime water and we also got to hear and feel the power of the falls from very close distance. There was solid composition of red, crystalline limestone. The mighty rocks have been roughened by the vagaries of burning Sun uncontrolled winds and torrential rains.

This waterfall caused the rocks of this layer and those layers underneath to erode and break away the falling rocks some larger than a house fell down to the stream bottom. It is these rocks which restricted the water flow of the Sathodi which has resulted in the rapids in Monsoon time.
 Brown Vine Snake
Ahaetulla nasutus Variety Isabellinus Vine snake Non venomous. They have a slender but long body with a pointed head. The pointed beak-like nose and the horizontal eye slit is characteristic of these snakes. Its head is the same width as its body. The under side of the body is light brown or yellow. When threatened it flattens its entire body to exhibit the white and black color present between the scales. They are so completely blended in their surrounding environment that they are almost invisible.


Murali Krshna said...

Yet another enjoyable blog read. thanks for reminding us, as we thought of going there for sometime. keeping posting the good work Rakesh!!

Team G Square said...

Wonderful pictures . Loved the snake picture very much .

Divya said...

Came across your wonderful blog on the Facebook page of Gurunarasimha yuvakara balaga. Wow! Truly Amazing photography! You also seem to have a penchant for discovering hidden jewels in the Southern landsape and displaying the same in an never-seen-before light!

Ashok said...

Nice place for family trip... Good place..

Hai Baji said...
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R Niranjan Das said...

Excellent post. The falls look beautiful.

Wanderer said...

Your blog just gobbled up my comment without asking me to login hmmppff!

Vishva Bhraman said...

Brown Vine Snake is reaaly different.Nice Pics

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