Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Illustrious and exigent trek to Eagle Hill (Part-1)

Beautiful Places to visit in Western Ghats - India In this winter when the climate is just perfect for trekking our journey began with a rather four hours drive from Mangalore we reached the village at mid-night and camped rest of night at lakeshore. The next early morning we climbed up even higher to visit Eagle hill ranges in freezing cold weather. Just after 15minutes move upward from the Lake we reached higher attitude place after moving for sometime we arrived at edge of the BM Valley. There we took deep left into the Western edge passed through the grass canopied hill ranges.
Further up for some time we reached top of the beginning hill. Standing on top of the hill made catch us for full glimpse of the whole BM Range. It was a real challenging to start further level the trail goes thru edge of the hills on the other two side beautiful valleys, to my left and in front are the chimney like hills that are not too high but sprout everywhere until the eye can see no more in the distance. The plateau too is at the right height to catch the eastern sun at a slant. It just lights up the grass.
The grass is a lovely golden color and a treat to watch. The trail climbs through the grass and each time the grass changes color. Sometimes it glows golden in the setting light, at other times it turns a shade of purple. Black streaks through the grass in some places and least expect it turns a magical brown.
The plateau ends in trees and shrubs not very high. Skirt around the trees and again veer right to catch a faint trail (Made by Animals) that circumvents the trees near the outer edge of the hill. By 9.30 we had light food and headed to further hill ranges. About an hour Climb up to the pampas hill we reached on the summit.
It’s a superb landscape all around from the summit of Baremale every direction is treating to watch. Each hill is isolated and below the myriad patterns of evergreen and Shoala forests makes dissimilar patterns until the landscape disappears into the horizon and also wind flow was also too high. The hill holds a bounty of beauty and the breeze blowing refreshes our body and fatigue is set apart.
After spending enough time on summit we headed to northwest get down the hill from another side and headed to Eagle Hill. We tempted to walk slowly here so that we can catch every trace of beauty spread over here.
To be continued...


Srikanth Manjunath said...

Nice narration..The golden grass land captured so well!..Nice snaps..waiting for the next part

padmini said...

Just superb it is.whole landscape and wonderful narration.