Saturday, November 17, 2012

Belligundi and Goodanagundi waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls in Karnataka - India
Our hearts always become crazy in the dream of a waterfall. We usually trek hard to reach a waterfall and then first glimpse of that always drive us crazy. For that last month once again I had chosen to hike Goodanagundi waterfalls with my friends. After a comfortable stay at night Sunday morning we headed to the first waterfall.
Beautiful Waterfalls in Earth
It was definitely a nice start in the clear skies are something to be cherished regardless of what time they show up at. The trail roughly follows small river networks over forest sections of the mountain. It had been sunny all day and we started to hike, but thunder clouds began rolling in.  As we continued hiking to the end of the trail we were heading towards some ominous looking clouds.
For half an hour hike we reached an impressive natural green tinged View point giving us a spectacular view of the valley was situated just opposite to Belligundi waterfalls and experienced them from a very unique perspective for an hour time. Because of bad-light and morning blue mist we couldn't get a fine capture of the waterfalls.
The most stunning view was Belligundi (literally means Silver falls), the royal looking water falls which stood out amongst other small falls, fell from around 850 feet height. We captured one of the rare images of the waterfall, one that is very less frequented, and hence even more precious. After giving us glimpses of it, we headed to Goodanagundi waterfalls.
Beautiful waterfalls in India
Beautiful Waterfalls in Karnataka
Beautiful Waterfalls in Western Ghats
Walking through the jungle path presents some the most breath taking views of the forest and a heavy dense forest all along the way. The lush green forests, blue skies as far as the eyes can see, and silence so resounding that you can hear your own breath, surely invites any heart wanting to loose itself in the lap of nature and we opened up into this edge of the mountain that had almost a 80 ft drop.
Leeches were unrelenting and cruel all though-out, sucking blood out of each one of us. We had taken some sprays and despite all the precaution we all got bit and lost blood. The walk down through the jungle route we reached bottom of this cascade. The tender ripple of the leaping water that streams down the steep slope and flowing into the small pond releasing an incredibly beautiful blue radiance the light was sensational and the fine mist gave the morning a special glow.
The beauty around this fall in the form of lush-green forests, a beautiful high-cliff and constant drop of water makes it one of the most exotic destination in this location.
Few of us decided to take bath under the fall, its very exciting and fruitful, constant water drops of the stream falling over the body trigger every organ in a harmony. You constantly hear the constant hiss from the tumble of the waterfall, water breezes, and the occasional birdsong from the birds checking out the scene. It seems like a poet has realized his all dreams.


R Niranjan Das said...

Beautiful falls. I am amazed at the way you find all these hidden treasures. Keep exploring.

Manjushree Karanth said...

nice pics:-

Ashok said...

Nice poster...

Vaish said...

Delightful place to be!

Deekshith Kanchan said...

It was Amazing experience with u to trek n know Hidden beauty of Nature ... keep motivating my friend..

padmini chandrakar said...

amazing captures and very well marrated.thanks for sharing.