Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monsoon trek in Charmadi

Monsoon Trek in Western Ghats
A fine monsoon Sunday morning to explore the contours of the misty mountains and the chill air, we headed to Jenkallu Gudda in Charmadi range. The verdant zigzag hills of Charmadi are an inexplicably ecstatic beauty in the monsoon. After a long drive we left our vehicle near Annappa temple and started to walk few meters on the fine Ghat road.
 Dhaivik Waterfalls
Braving past the heavy downpours at the High Ranges, we maneuver through the hairpins to take a glimpse of the monsoon waterfalls enveloping wide expanses of the hills around all in the drizzling frames of heavy rains. The climate is invigorating, the forest lush, tender and green. We took diversion to the village towards higher mud road. We followed regular village road and after one mile hard-hitting walk we entered more wild to reach Jenakallu Gudda.
Monsoon Trek

The weather mischievously changing its temper within every 10 minutes; but our bad luck the when we were on Jenkallu hill the whole area covered by thick fog and we couldn’t able to sight 2 meters distance from us. As we were thinking what should be done next, I found a person with two dogs who was grazing cows he told to avoid to go peak it was misty and the visibility was very low as his suggestion we modified our actual plan and We almost lost the rout and decided to head Barekallu (Balebetta) instead of Jenkallu. Drifting away from the tourist guidelines is sure to make any traveling experience doubly exhilarating.

  Yerikallu - Hulidana Betta

The pristine views of the green canopy over the moistened hills are simply breathtaking. It’s not only the views which are inviting here, but so are the nomadic tribes who dwell in this region, an interaction with them and sharing our experience with them is a great pleasure at all. As their guidelines we headed to BareKallu (Balekallu gudda) but we couldn’t succeed to reach because of torrential rainfall, heavy fog and strong wind. I wrap up by wild wilderness experience and hit the road all set to rough it out again!
  Photos by - I and Ashok SB.


जाटदेवता संदीप पवाँर said...

राकेश जी आपने एक बेहद ही सुन्दर स्थल के बारे में जानकारी दी है आभार रहेगा।

R Niranjan Das said...

Nice post of you trek. The place looks exceptionally beautiful.


Ashok said...

Once again nice write up.. Thanks for sharing my photos..

D.Nambiar said...

Great pictures, Rakesh
Some of them remind me of Gopalaswamy Betta. :)

Srikanth Manjunath said...

Charmaadi Ghat and Monsoon a wonderful combination for nature lovers..and you just provided the right food.

Super snaps, and a nice narration Rakesh

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that this web site doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the exact same issue? I enjoy this blog and dont want to have to skip it whenever Im away from my computer.

Wanderer said...

Ah one more monsoon trek experience. Wonderful. Only those who have experienced it know it. Is this Barekallu the same as BaLekallu? You do a lot of trekking. Almost every two weeks if I am not wrong. :) Which is very good.


Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments:-)


Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments:-)