Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Getaway near to Udupi

The tour starts with a Sunday morning departure from my home town on an eastern way heading. Just outside the city we had stop for a quick coffee break, then continued another one hour fine journey we reached the small humble village which is dotted with old houses and beautiful estates. This village graces with half a dozen of beautiful waterfalls with stunning mountain panoramas, green valleys and the abundant water is a fascinating way to get experience the exquisiteness of Mother Nature.
First we decided to visit Sk.Gundi waterfalls, so we left our bike on end of the mud road after five minutes easy walk we reached the frontier part of the falls. We took some long shots from that, after doing a small hike it would laid us to the upper part of the waterfalls. Later we made some risky attempt of downer rock climb reached another side of the cascade. It was my third visit to this place but still I enjoyed lot even after watching smile on my colleague’s faces it boosted my happiness more.
Later we headed to Jy.Gundi waterfalls which situated another corner of the village. After a short bike ride, from the end of the paved road we walked for few minutes inside the arrack-nut estate and we cross the wooden bridge and followed the creek then we hiked along the creek side. The falls begin with a small sliding cascade that drops 5 feet over a rocky slop just next to wooden bridge and soon we came to the rocky cliff then stream tumbles over 40 feet down a 70 degree dizzying precipice into a pool.
Before this point, a small portion of the stream splits off and makes a sheer plunge of approximately equal height on the same rock slab. We reached the base of the second tier to following sketchy path and refreshed our body and mind under sprinkling water for while. Ride down the wild stream bordered on both sides by rocks formed by many small waterfalls. We stopped at a few places along the way to swim.
In my last two visits I tried to reach last tier but I couldn’t succeed so this time with a new spirit with an aggressive team we forward towards the downer stream. The last tier is the twisting tier; the waters combine and form a final drop which plunges into a deep pond. We climbed down around the creek it’s involving to scaling down a nearly vertical cliff on a slippery rocky terrain of about total 200 feet in height.

 The clear creek waters glisten in patches of sunlight creating a serene ambiance. Even the ubiquitous natural carvings that desecrate most of the rocks on the way to the bottom of the falls cannot detract from the splendor of the journey. The boulders wedged all three sides at bottom this fifty-footer look like they could fall the next time to the pond and the creek floods. They haven't budged in the years since my first visit and I hope they never do.
Most exotic places on Earth
Striking Waterfalls in Western Ghats
Around the water falling down area, are almost covered with huge boulder wall and at top green trees. The pool below is formed by big blocks of rocks so that the water is colder. Just soak a few minutes in the pool, we felt chill. We enjoyed almost an hour of time in that lovely pool. The fresh air fills our lungs while the soothing water sings in ears. The creek is a delightful, and the falls are a tremendous sight from the final tier.
Save Western Ghat
We spent a great time in Jy. Gundi waterfalls later we finished our lunch at village hotel and headed for next level of our adventure. The path to the Dn. Waterfall is short but not simple. The path is quite slippery so that mobiles, backpacks should be carefully covered to avoid water incase of fell down. In my last visit to here my two teammates fell down on and it caused for permanent damage to their mobile and cameras. We crossed the stream with extra care; along the stream are the cool canopies of the forest.
Then we continued through the forest about 200 meters we reached the base. Trekking through deep green jungle, along crystal clear rivers, sometimes overcoming rapids and climbing waterfalls, makes heart beat faster in expectation.  At the foot of the waterfall, there is a clear water pool. Long time flowing water has made the pool deeper and deeper.
Few more waterfalls in Udupi
Explorers have to jump over big and small rocks to get through the stream. We did small adventure and reached to the backside of the waterfalls, sitting and watching sprinkling waters from this gap was really pleasing to heart here we seen unique rock formations and vegetation lush and varied.
Actually going into the mountains on a bike were always refreshing and challenging trekking and climbing experience with our friends. Make to the way up the lush Valley, visiting numerous small waterfalls, and swim through freshwater pools is always mesmerizing to do. An occasional monkey, monitor lizard, butterfly, vipers, birds, and other life are abounding in this area. The remoteness and lack of habitation have kept this place undisturbed and preserved, made an unforgettable experience.


Ashok said...

Beautiful narration.... An awesome trip in which we enjoyed a lot...

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Beautiful waterfalls and well written post!!

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Beautiful falls. Nice post.

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Beautiful Waterfalls...!

Wanderer said...

Awesome place. Would love to go there but leeches... ewww.. :)
But lovely lovely pics Rakesh. Tumba sundaravagide. Eegle ondu trek hogbeku annista ide :)

srikanta said...

The intricate monotonous grind of life just will be untwined by the sheer magnificent beauty of the place. Fantastic.

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Great place. Never even heard of such waterfalls. Please give more info as to how to reach there.


Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments:-)

Keerthan Nayak said...

awesome blog dude.... but where actual it comes????
and what actual name of falls???

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Where is actual it comes and what actual of name of the falls

Unknown said...

Where is actual it comes and what actual of name of the falls