Monday, December 5, 2011

Bhandara Basadi- Sravanabelagola

Facing the Jaina Matha is the Bhandara Basadi built by Bhandari Hullayya, a Hoysala Treasurer in 1159. This rectangular structure has Garbhagriha with 12 pillars and also pilasters, a Rangamantapa and another Rangamantapa at the entrance called Saraswathi Mantapa.

The back wall has a long pitha with 24 Tirthankaras in uniform height, installed in a row and they have fine decoration on the Prabhavali and also the figure of their respective Yaksha- Yakshid on their either side.
Outside the wide Garbhagriha with 36 columns to the right and left of the Rangamantapa three are four shrins and one of them houses Padmavathi and another Brahma. The Saraswati Mantapa is a later renovation where Pravachanas were held. This was renovated by a Changalva minister Devappa in Vijayanagara satyle.


Shadows Galore said...

Some beautiful pics in your blog :)Particularly liked the ones in the Doddagaddavalli LAKSHMI Temple post. Following you now :)

Arun said...

Nice to learn about this place.. Thanks for sharing