Friday, November 11, 2011

Shiva temples -Nadakalasi

We visited Nadakalasi temples long back which situated in Sagara was one of those forgotten monuments that its name was not part of the list of ancient monuments. The temple complex consists of 2 Shiva temples Mallikarjuna and Nilakantesvara. This temple was built during 1218 AD, when Baleyanna Pergade ruled this place. He was the Mandalika of Hoysala Second Veeraballala. This region was called as Kundanadu or Kodanadu at that time. After Baleyanna this place was ruled by Beeradevarasa. Later, when Vijayanagara Dynasty was established, Samrat Krishna Devaraya gifted this place to Keladi King Chaudappa Nayaka.
The temple is a fine example of Hoysala architecture It is said to be constructed by father and son sculptors, Jankana and Dakkana. They are constructed using the stone called `Somanatha Shile’, which was available in the village itself. Both the temples have been built on star-shaped plinth and the roofs are also of star-shape. The whole structure has been constructed on level platform. Each temples has a sanctum and a Navaranga with vast pillared-hall. The pillars are strikingly beautiful and hold a stark resemblance like other Hoysala temples.
Neelakanteshwara temple is just next to the Mallikarjuna temple and has only one entrance. The walls on either side of the main entrance have been carved with statues related to Vatsayana Kamasutra. It has a magnificent Gopuram over Garbhagriha where we saw the beautiful Hoysala emblem and a fine statue of Bhuvaneshwari. I and Ashok climbed the top with the help of local boys and took magnificent photos of that.
Mallikarjuna temple, the bigger one, is formed of Garbhagriha, Sukanasi, Rangamantapa and Basavamantapa. It has eight circular pillars in the Navaranga, which are carved with pictures of different dance forms and animals. Except Sukanasi, the other frontal part of the temple feature with half walls, this has provided the temple with a unique brightness. The Navaranga has three entrances at three directions.
The temple stands out like a marvel against the backdrop of an ordinary village. The surrounding rural countryside is tranquil with lush fields, quiet lakes and very little traffic. Beyond this, our interest was at best casual as we wandered around the temple. We just absorbed whatever we saw. Some sculptures seemed to know more than me & Ashok about ancient practices.


Srikanth Manjunath said...

nice can not imagine there exists a temple if you see from the road..but as you get in to the temple complex..just amazing..

the temple complex is very well maintained even though it is is in remote village

and you had given a good write about the history and mistory of the sorroundings.

good one keep going

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Beautiful pics and an amazing blog ! :)

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Lovely temples , nice description .

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Good one!!

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Awesome pics.. recently visited this place. Good description..

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