Saturday, August 20, 2011

Manoli, Panchlingeshwara Temple.

After a comfy journey we had reached Manoli village at 2A.m. Manoli or Munavalli is a beautiful ancient city with religious and historical background. It was also a famed center with some famous Saints (Munis) were lived and faith guided in different activities. Evidence of this still we can see some status of Sages inside the Panchalingeswara Temple and also can see several old spiritual institutions (Muth's) on this village. It was not mere religious tolerance but active religious co-existence.
Nature has been gracious in Manoli of the land with supporting Malaprabha river. The Panchalingeswara temple is assemblage of Ten antithetic temples under one huge temple complex . As inscriptions dated 1145 & 1174A.D., the temple and nearest fort belongings to the Devagiri ruler Singhandeva.
Various dynasties that ruled here were patrons of art and architecture. As result of their efforts Manoli has been dotted with beautiful temples and forts.
The main temple dedicated to lord Shiva. This is a Ekakuta temple having with one Garbhagriha, Navaranga and beautiful Mukhamantapa. In Sanctum 5 Lingas situated in one Peeta (basement). The sculptures of Ganesha, Kali and Saptamatrikas were carved uniqueness of art tradition inside the main temple.
The outer wall, Shikara and inner ceilings and pillars were not much ornamented in these temples but sad thing is that whole area was painted badly and rubbishy without any sense. I saw 4-5 Hoysalas symbols on the top of the few temples in the same temple complex. We visited each temples and had spent enough time and enjoyed calmness of this area.
I impressed by the beauty of Devi and Kalabhairava sculptures with its great jewelery decoration and ornamentation. The sculpture of Kalabhairava is a great beauty, charm, ornamented and magnitude. The excavations of the Kalabhairava gave me a glimpse into the architecture and sculpture of that period..
This trip has made us to bring back to ancient times and its reflected Hindus traditions and arts and the remembrance of artists and sculptors of the past who have made us worthy inheritors of great culture. After visiting this glorious temple we headed to explore few more historical places in limited time.
Photos By - Me and Ashok SB

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