Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yerikallu (HuliDanaBetta)

Yerikallu is one of the significant peaks of Charmadi range & one of the tremendous examples for a Shola forest. Each time hiking in this place was memorable.. During my last trek it was very adventurous.
I reached base camp late night & after morning freshening up we started our journey. As usual we had comfortable journey in a Jeep & started to walk in a dense forest for next 1hour. Walking in forest during morning session is always relaxing. A big crowd without much noise walking together & enjoying the nature quietly was a nice experience.
After sometime the forest cover increased and the climb became steeper. The weather was humid as expected and by the time we took our first break, we were sweating profusely completely drenched. When we crossed the grassland we were able to see the peak and with a new spirit we moved towards the steep peak. Last few stretches was very steep & very dangerous too. But finally whole team reached the peak, reaching the peak is one big experience you feel one with nature
This peak has 2 big special sharp rocks. If we want to see it we have to take big risk on the edge of the first rock then only it’s possible to reach between these two rocks. In my first visit me & my friend Ashok did this attempt without any help we climbed the rock too I know this attempt was very dangerous but we enjoyed it. Even these 2 rocks locales called as “Huli (Tiger) Dana (Cow) Betta(Mountain)”. It looks like Tiger attacking a cow.
But this time I couldn’t attempt like past, we spent so much time on the other side of the peak & slowly stepped back. On our return like always we got lost again and after a tough trek and going around we reached the bottom, every time Yerikallu has a surprise in store making it different trek all the time but that's what trekking is all about when we go into the unknown to explore.....

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srikanta said...

Looking at the place and write-up in the blog getting lost in such a paradise is worth it!!

As usual snaps r great and another feather in the cap!!