Monday, September 13, 2010

Misty Mountain

Last week end we chose to go hiking on some mountain in this rainy season. So, Sunday early morning as per plans we started our expedition from my home with my 2 cousin’s riding triple on the way 2 more friends joined our team; I went ahead to get permission from the required department. After taking permission I returned back to our trekking spot with a guide provided from the department.
We had started a little late compared to our last visit to this place. First we crossed Shola forest for few minutes & entered open grassland area. These Shola forests have an upper story of small trees below the upper story is a low understory and a dense shrub layer. These Shola forests are interspersed with montane grasslands, characterized by frost- and fire-resistant grass species.
Throughout our journey from beginning till end leeches were our constant companions, so we did not worry much but enjoyed the beauty of nature. Due to this altitude and evergreen character, it is home to some of the most threatened and endemic species. Some of the species found here nowhere else in the world.
While walking on grassland we saw 2 groups of wild bears my senior teammate Kamath sir (Ramesh Kamath) observed on his binocular & we all joined him. Throughout our journey the mist was playing with us, suddenly there would be thick fog and mist where we couldn’t even see who was in front of us and in a matter of few minutes everything would become clear.
When we were stepping towards to the last Stretch of Mountain to reach the top suddenly there was heavy rain and thick mist around us. Finally we reached the top but my cousin was disappointed because it was his first trek after so much tough walk we were not able to see anything on the top of the mountain. Heavy thick fog covered the hills and cool breeze added to the splendor of the sight.

After waiting for an hour slowly the whole atmosphere cleared & in front of us we saw heaven. This place was breathtakingly beautiful such a serene place made me speechless I just wanted to sit there losing myself completely but again the call of work and duties made us retreat places like this in nature is a complete rejuvenation for the mind......


shivu.k said...


nice nature photos!

manjunath said...

Nice place and photos. Where is this?

FamilTravelling said...

wow wonderful where is this place?

sandeep said...

breathtaking place & pics ... but u didnt mention where this is?

ಸಾಗರದಾಚೆಯ ಇಂಚರ said...

Nice photos

lovely writeup

srikanta said...

Going through the new adventure of yours makes me say that, how many people have been to a REAL Shang-ri-la? You can really say you have been.

As usual Rakesh you prove that western ghats is a real paradise and you are a real witness on-site to its real bliss!!

Stupendous place and delightful photos!!

Great work.

ani said...

bro, this is heaven. for me the dose of this trek is enough for spending years of life in bangalore :)

Callezee said...

Excellent pix. Besides each pictures the way the content was distributed is breeze and the readers of the blog would also appreciate. We really liked and enjoyed the blog

Niranjan said...

This is Gangdikal, in kudrenukh ranges.

Sam.. W.A.N.D.E.R.I.N.G!!! said...


I'm here again! Please tell me where on earth this place is??

Mesmerzing in every sense!

Please email me on

Thanks again.