Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unchalli waterfalls ...

One Fine Rainy morning I started to Unchalli waterfalls with some of my Sirsi friends a few years back. We took a bus from Sirsi which goes to HaggaraNi & reached this dreamy village after a few hours journey. Trekking 4- 5 km from the Heggarne village along the dense forests can be an exciting experience.
The mountain tracks, the steep mountain slopes, deep gorges, chilly breeze and the amazing flora and the rare avian species accompany us until we reach the roaring Unchali Falls plummeting down. Here River 'Aghanashini' runs through thick woods and makes a spectacular waterfall.
Unchalli Falls, which is also called Lushington Falls, is named after a District Collector, J D Lushington, who discovered the falls in 1845.This falls is also called as Keppa Joga because of the noisy sound it makes. The noise of the waterfalls hurtling down the hilly area breaks the silence of the forests.
Watching the waterfalls from watch tower is very scenic during rains we can’t see waterfalls clearly because of heavy haze but still we managed to get a few picks. After spending few minutes in tower we moved to touch bottom of the walls, in rainy season we can’t go close even reaching the river in deep valley is also tough but after a hard attempt we able to reach the bottom.
When we reached bottom everyone was soaked heavily & frozen & shivering. So no needs to take bath simply spent some time & watch long view of waterfalls in bottom side & stepped back. In rain watching this Thundering cataract was delightful. So we enjoyed this waterfall in with a great colorful scenic of memories.
We also got to see a beautiful rainbow which formed right across the waterfall which sent our senses soaring a worthy trek with spectacular views.....

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