Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grandeur Etched in Stone (Part-8)

Arakere- Rameswara Temple Arakere is a small village in BanavaraHobli. There are two temples namely Channakeshavaand Ramaswara, here which are worth seing. The former is a Trikutachala or three celled temple. The Rameswara temple has an excellently carves image of Vishnu, which is a fine piece of artwork that cannot be missed.
The image of Sun is also piece of master craftsmanship which is extensively carved and richly ornamented. It is curious to note that the tower of this temple is built of granite in receding sonar’s, ending in a Kalasha, resenling in some respects towers of Pallava architecture.
Wall Panels at Arakere temples
Mavutanahalli- Mahalingeswara Temple
Mavutanahalli is a small village in Hasan district; Mahalingeswara Temple is a monumental ruined temple during the Hoysala period. Pooja activities still going on by local villagers, Local villagers still having little faith temple will renovate soon.
Adagur Lakshminaraya temple
In Adagur village another derelict Hoysala temple greeted us. Temple’s renovation work was taken up step-by-step and still it is going on. Inside the temple also not much better condition.
Chatteswara temple in Chatachatahalli
Chatteswara temple in Chatachatahalli in Halebid hobli is 12th century which was built during the Hoysala period, one side wall was almost collapsed.

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