Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pancharbi and Kela Arbi Waterfalls

Last trek when we visited DanaGundi waterfalls we had planned to go to this place, but the locals over there suggested it would be better if we went after rainy season as it's located in dense forest, so we decided December would be the right month to visit this place.
One early Sunday morning we decided to go to this place on our bikes we left early in the morning, with a wonderful pleasant weather our bike ride was very nice highly energetic and fully charged we reached the village Mala after a tough trek on mud road a hard track we reached an estate we parked our bikes near the estate and started our trek.
We saw many small streams as rainy season had made it's mark a wonderful stream on the way and we followed the brook walking in streams can be extremely wonderful but very dangerous too since rocks are very slippery and a single neglected step could land any one in big injury and once in such a dense forest getting help is a dream.
Further down the stream wading through it with great difficulty lot of confusion we reached bottom of Pancharbi falls. It was a beautiful fall which falls from 100ft water was extremely cold and nobody was ready for a bath, we had our breakfast relaxed enjoying kamath sir's banter near the beautiful cascading waterfall, some of us decided to go up the fall though there was no way we some how managed to make one and reached the place WOW! What a splendid view we had from the top.
We returned to the village & finished our lunch at a local hotel after that roamed around few places surrounding ‘Mala’ village.
By evening we reached Kodange Mala village, our teammate Sudheer had heard some unknown waterfalls nearby so we decided to go there we managed to locate the falls and spent rest of the day there, Manjaltar River created a cascading beautiful falls called “Kera Arbi (SirikalaGundi)”between two rocks.
We had some kind of adventure going up the falls & to another side of the falls and enjoyed our fete, altogether we had a wonderful time a very enjoyable weekend trip to remember.

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sudheer kumar said...

another good day for us,we are lucky to see these falls,sirikalagundi may be nomore as already hydropower generation plant sanctioned,