Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ombattu Gudda

Ombattugudda was always eluding us though we planned to go this place many times we always ended up going else where or an incomplete climb, this time we decided again on our bikes, first we collected complete details from Rajesh Naik based on his guidelines we started on Saturday by 5 in the evening, we had rain as company through out finally we reached Moodgere by 11pm since it was very late we decided to stay at a temple near the town.

We woke up to a bright fresh crisp morning very early and started our journey again after an hour we reached Lakshmi Estate; we parked our bikes and started walking from the estate office. Initially for some distance it's a jeep track and then it is dense forest, there are two routes to this place and without a proper map we tend to get lost.

Our early morning walk in the forest with cool breeze non stop banters from Kamath Sir was too good we were just enjoying nature wonderful walk and having plenty of fun, we had our breakfast in the middle of forest rested for some time and continued our journey again after some time we reached an open place and the view from this place was amazing we never felt tired though after the hard bike ride and walking we could still go on with the same energy.

Another hour of walking in dense forest we came out of the forest and stepped on the first hill we had eight more to cover,The peak is so named because there are 9 prominent humps on top. When I reached the last peak I thought Ombattugudda was my dream but now I felt I am on the top of that dream land really I am lucky.

Such a nice place it was, this place was fully surrounded by hills. On return we had bath under one beautiful hidden waterfalls in Estate.

Alekan Waterfalls - Charmadi Ghat

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sudheer kumar said...

No 1 cheaters in the world,
u people not informed me while going to OmbattuGudda,bittu hodralla nannannu devaru olledu madalla nodi.