Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Timeless Treasures (Part -4)

Kadambeswara temple - Rattehalli.

Our tryst with the Hoysalas took us to interior Karnataka. It was not Belur and Halebeedu that beckoned us, but lesser known towns that had some beautiful temples. Our next destination was the Kadambeswara temple Rattehalli (Hirekerooru).

This temple was built by Hoysala King Veera Bhalla on 1174. It was late noon when we reached this hamlet and were greeted by silence. This Temple is sheer poetry on the walls as each sculpture is a masterpiece and stories come alive from every stone.

Sculptures on the outer walls come alive on these stones. This temple comes under Archeological department & also well maintained.

Hoy Sala" (Strike Sala!) said the guru Sudatta Muni to his student, Sala who was in an armed combat with a tiger that had entered a temple. The student struck the animal in one blow, immortalizing himself and his victim. The guru was so pleased that he asked Sala to establish a kingdom and the Hoysala dynasty were established. The folklore became so popular that every temple of the Hoysalas has a carving of this story. Historians dismiss the myth, but stories like these have a certain fascination about them.
Umamaheshwari Temple - Hosagunda.

Finally in the evening we reached this place Umamaheshwari Temple in Hosagunda village, Sagara taluk, The artistry of the Hoysalas in stone has been compared to the finesse of an ivory worker or a goldsmith.

The abundance of jewelry worn by the sculpted figures and the variety of hairstyles and headdresses depicted give a fair idea of the lifestyles of the Hoysala times.Here we can se numerous of erotica arts in its walls. Erotica was a subject the Hoysala artist handled with discretion. There is no exhibitionism in this, and erotic themes were carved into recesses and niches, generally miniature in form, making them inconspicuous. These erotic representations are associated with the Shakta practice.

This temple has been fully reconstructed by local villagers; at least the villagers take some Pride in Heritage India, though an exhaustive journey all The temples were amazing.

Once again I wish to thank Rajesh Naik Sir for this wonderful trek where I could get to see some really exotic old temples.


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