Friday, May 15, 2009

Memorable 'Yana' Trip

After a lot of thinking as to which place to go to finally I planned to go to Yana , so I started from Udupi on my bike. One of my friend also joined me in Kumata. After a long bike ride, first we reached Vibhooti waterfalls, it was a wonderful place it's calm pristine beauty was mesmerizing after the long tiring bike ride bath under the waterfall was very refreshing, after relaxing lazying on the rocks munching on snacks and fruits we moved to Yana .
Yana is situated in the lush evergreen forests of the Sahyadri range of mountains. Yana is popular amongst the adventure lovers with a passion to trek. Yana ’s major attraction is a pair of tall, pointed rock formations. The Bhairaveshwara Shikhara (120Mts) & Mohini Shikhara (90Mts) are two mighty limestone peaks. Mohini Shikhara definitely looks more pretty compared to the more rugged Bhairava Shikhara. Yana is religiously known as the place where Lord Shiva killed Bhasmasura the monster who tormented the world during his time.
I parked my bike near Bhairaveshwara Shikhara. The surrounding of the temple can used to refresh your self with snacks & liquids. After having coffee we started to walk to Bhairaveshwara main Cave. There was also a route surrounding the giant rock, amidst a cave like structure infested with bats a very strong stench greets the visitors it's a dingy damp place but again the rock formation diverts your attention from the stinking smell of bats.
We had a walk around Bhairava Shikhara and came back. It was an enjoyable walk. After that we got a grace of Lord Shiva (Bhairaveswar) inside the Bhairava Shikhara.This is a small historic cave temple &Water from the limestone caves constantly fall on the idol of Shiva forming a stream & later it joins the river Aganashini.
After watching this we reached the Goddess Parvati Temple in Mohini Shikhara. There are many caves here and are inhabited by bats. The limestone formations in side the caves are as unique as they are ancient. Some of these formations are believed to be millions of years old. Yana’s these two gigantic limestone rock formations and numerous smaller ones stand like silent sentinels amidst the dense forest. The sight is truly stunning. More than hundreds of different types of hidden rock mountains are situated in these surrounded stretchy forests. A lot of commercialization has taken place here slowly robbing the natural beauty of this place. But again if you are a real nature lover you can see so many untouched places which can be explored with short treks.
After a wonderful stay in Yana for the night in the wild listening to the cry of wild animals hoot of the owls and other nocturnal animals with a pleasant memories we started our journey back ,on the way hidden again in the wild a beautiful fall Bennaehollae tempted us to its beauty we again took a deviation after a rough ride reached the place though there was little water the rocks made us go back to Yana once again after having lunch on those smooth giant rocks spending some time in the water we proceeded back to the tumultuous noise of the city looking forward for a weekend again to be in the lap of nature.


shivu said...


Exellent photographs with beautiful infirmation about "yana".

keep it up sir.


Harisha Rao said...

You are a real truckker frind, one day you will achive something deffinetly.......

Vamsee said...

Great post. Beautiful rock formations. Did you get a chance to photograph the limestone formations inside the cave?

rakesh holla said...

Dear Shivu,
Thanks..Keep in touch...

Dear Harish,
Ha ha What achivement ya?

Dear Vamsee,
Thanks,Ya I got some pics.