Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ParpiKallu -The terrific rock formations..

When urban life gets too much for you &you yearn for a far from the madding crowed sort of break, try some thing less known head for the ‘Parpikallu’ in near Dharmastala. ( near Kokkada on Subrahmanya-Dharmasthala route)
It is an idyllic spot guaranteed to take our mind off the jarring fall of urban life. The river 'Kapila' tumbles over huge rocks crating the falls. The highlights the gushing water at angles that brings out the magnificence of this thunderous beauty. We had a leisurely bath here.
This is famous for its variety of natural rock designs.The rock formations are tremendous here.


Harisha Rao said...

nice photo, tell the exact palce

rakesh holla said...

Thanks Harish...