Monday, June 30, 2008

MinchuKallu and Kumbhakallu Trek


Situated in thick forest of Banjarumale region these are considered the highest hillocks in Charmadi range. Unique Topography and accessibility makes it one of the sought destinations for avid trekkers.

Twin peaks after descending from Ghats beckon and challenge adventurer. At the top of the hill lies a huge bauxite stone, which attracts lightning during monsoon. With this, the hill gets its name Minchukallu which means the stone which attracts lightning. For trekkers, who love adventure and challenges, this is their ultimate paradise because there is no short cut and easy route to reach this peak. Apart from tedious trekking route, what adds to the challenge is the herd of elephants making frequent appearances here. 

Morning view from the Kumbhakallu peak

Kumbhakallu and Michukallu hill range

Morning Sunrise view from top of the Minchukallu

Kumbhakallu and Minchukallu - Two great peaks. Minchukallu is the second highest peak in this Charmadi range.

Kumbakallu is another hill which is worth seeing in the vicinity. Trekkers will come across two dense forests namely ‘Banjaru Male’ and ‘Ambati Male,’ which are like safe abode for pachyderms. The elephants are seen even on Minchukallu hill and if locals are to be believed, elephants follow a corridor from the foothill to the peak accelerating themselves in zig-zag movement. At the top of the hill, these pachyderms get their staple food, which is called ‘Aane Hullu’ in Kannada. With the fight between man and elephant increasing over the years, the number of elephants coming to this area has increased.

Here we can sight Kumbhakallu & Minchukallu in single sight.


Ashok said...

amazing photos

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:) super bro... nange mane, factry bittu hogade bandre, ade trekkingu :)

Abhi said...

Amazing place. Nice pictures.

Rahul Patel said...

Nice one. I would love to visit this place. Check out resorts in pench tiger reserve also.You will get exclusive places.